The beauty membership story

aglow are here to help make beauty memberships the new normal, improving the businesses and lives of beauty professionals. We live, love and support the beauty industry.

This industry delivers beautiful results, you deserve the same.

As beauty pros we know how hard you work, and the quality of the business and relationships you make happen. For too long banks and outsiders haven't understood the investment, passion and what you have on the line.

Memberships are a way to help the industry truly realise their potential, by providing an opportunity to generate strong and predictable recurring revenue, leading to better support from lenders, landlords and everyone outside beauty. This translates into easier lending, higher business sales prices and smoother cashflow and stress-levels.

Our mission is to do for beauty pros what they do for their clients every day -deliver beautiful results that improve their lives.

Led by beauty professionals

Our team are beauty pros who know the best and hardest parts of the business. They are on hand to help you change your business and lives.

Meet some of our talented beauty industry professionals

Talicia Bourke

Customer Success Lead

Jessi Razouki

NZ Business Development Lead

Payment Professionals

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Join hundreds of businesses, and thousands of members leading the beauty membership movement.