How does aglow work?

aglow provides everything a beauty business needs to run a successful membership program. We help you design and promote your membership offerings, and we handle all payments, customer support and administration for your program.

“Let's talk about how to design a membership program that works for your business”

For Salons

How aglow works in your business

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We're in this together.

Our team are on hand to help you design the perfect membership program for your business. Once you have designed your membership offering with our team, simply add them into your aglow portal and you are ready to sign up your clients.

Your brand, our tech

Your client signs up through our slick digital onboarding journey which takes no longer than two minutes. You can also include your clinic branding, without any tech expertose or development required.

Get going in minutes

Our easy to use platform makes setting up and growing your membership program simple.

We handle all of the membership administration

Our tech, and team, handle all of the ongoing membership related administration. From payment processing and reporting, to customer support and failed payment follow up. We've got it covered.

Our team will help you create a membership program that grows your business.

Measure and grow

Our reporting features makes it clear and addictive to track your growth and projected future membership revenue.

Forecast a beautiful future

See how you are set up to succeed over time with powerful and intuitive reporting

Spot issues before they occur

See cashflow holes and come up with marketing plans to overcome them.

Create reports the bank will love

It isn't easy to secure loans or finance with a variable cashflow business. Our membership reporting provides cashflow forecasts, based on committed future revenue, that make your business advisors, bankers and lenders, understand the true value of what you do.

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For Clients

Beauty memberships are like a gym membership for skin.

Memberships make it easier to book regular treatments and commit to a skin and beauty program to achieve real results by spreading the cost into smaller, easy to manage, weekly payments. It makes budgeting for skin and beauty treatments a breeze for your clients.

VIP Benefits

Being a member can gain clients discounts, rewards and a sense of belonging.

Affordability and Flexibility

Being a member can gain clients discounts, rewards and a sense of belonging.


Being a member can gain clients discounts, rewards and a sense of belonging.

Membership perks, like discounts and rewards, provide clients with a and a sense of belonging and exclusivity.

Clients have the option to pay on the day and frequency that best suits their lifestyle.

Memberships enable clients to access treatments consistently, over the long term - meaning they can achieve their skin and beauty goals.

“I was not confident in my skin at all. Financially, I now have the opportunity to change that”

— lauren (aglow member)

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